Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LAX Aiport

LAX Airpot has the new installments that can now be seen on the internet! It is quite interesting to look at so take a look for yourself! All you have to do is donwload the software from http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/35230/ICAO_aircraft_designation_codes
This site is much easier to work with than the original www.babylon.com entry.

Because Computers Can Get Boring!

Since Computers have not come up with something new from the typwriter to a computer base...we must educate our learning by downloading!! Check out this side: www.download.com to install new programs that involve different screensavers, free anti viruses as well as several home installation sites! It saves you money and makes the day at work go by faster!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Python 3.0

Python, the program that is being worked on in ICT 12 has just launched the 3.0 version which is "incompatable" with the version that we have at Notre Dame! They are using the features for internet sites such as YouTube, a major hit for all video castings! For more information go to www.cnet.com!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Cameras are a unique way of sharing and remembering the memories between the people who matter most! The kind of camera that i would want is, of course, a touchscreen! This camera is called the Nikon Coolpix and in pink certainly! On the website www.ndrs.org/cameras/ there are cameras ranging between $300 to $8000. So check it out for further information on various cameras!

Monday, November 24, 2008


On Friday November 21st a huge debut in the movie theatres happened; Twilight. This book turned mega-production movie has been something worth talking about since last June! All of a sudden, the conversations turned into who was going to watch the opening on Thursday at 10pm and who had already gotten tickets! Stephanie Meyers "Twilight" is also a series with other books "New Moon" and "Eclipse". Hopefully, these books will be turned into movie productions as well! The reviews are quite mixed; some say dissapointing some say amazing but I guess you will have to see it for yourself!


In my ICT 12 class I will initially be starting a program called Python. This program has been installed on a home computer in hope to be getting assignments to be done at home.
For more information go to either www.myndrs.com/python/ or www.python.org


OLPC stands for "One Laptop Per Child" and is an organization that is non-profit with all the proceeds going to research in developing a $100 laptop. This past week, November 17th, third world countries have been fortunate enough to order these laptops off off amazon.com.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blackberry Storm

The Blackberry Storm is the newest member of the family in the Blackberries! Its touchscreen capability is the first for our Blackberry. Unfortunately it has not got the best reviews as far as software and touchscreen go.

Trism for the iPhone: Makes big dollars

On CNN, a article came up for the game "Trism" downloaded on many iPhones. For this game it costs $2.99 and has made a total of $250 000 to date. The iPhone is a great way to develop the games and Steve Demeter, the createor of "Trism", is an ideal example. Within the two months this game has been installed it has made the much money as well as helped him to open a "game development field to entrepeneurs."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remembrance Day

Here at Notre Dame in Vancouver, British Columbia, we as a school put on an interesting performance incorporating skits, videos and speeches. For the Remembrance Day ceremony, I was mainly backstage for stagecrew so did not get to see the production in itself! I do know that the movie, Band of Brothers, was playing one of the scenes and one of our teachers spoke on behalf of what the meaning of Remembrace day is.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Microsoft Announces New Upgrading System

Yesterday (October 27) Microsoft unveiled details of two new operating systems. Currently the most commonly used Microsoft operating systems are Windows XP and Windows Vista. Although frequently criticized, often by those who have never used it, Vista is actually a very stable rich environment in which to work, particularly when used with up to date machines.

Nevertheless Microsoft had decided to press ahead with successors for Vista. In late 2009 Windows 7 will be released. This will be much like Vista. Around the same time Microsoft will release Windows Azure, an operating system that lives on Microsoft servers and not in your computer. This is called Cloud Computing, the "Cloud" being the Internet. Basically this means that you will not need an operating system or programs: they will all live in the "Cloud".

Whether this works out or not remains to be seen, many companies are already trying this, both with Microsoft and with Google products.

"Cloud Computing" is one of the most used technology buzzwords at present.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Global Anti-Piracy Day

Microsoft has declared today, October 21st, National Anti-Piracy Day, to help prevent the effects of this illegal dealing. In 2007, this illegality has cost several $50 billion in counterfeit software. So Microsoft is trying to make a day of anti-piracy and hoping to turn it into a lifetime!

Class Blogs

ICT 12 Student Blogs (2008-09)
Ava Balingit
Ryan Battistel
Sofia Busse
Nicole Ceralde
Nathan Chiu
Tomasz Cieslik
Jonathan De Maeseneer
Danila Di Giacinto
Sonia Di Palma
Lia Estrellado
Kimberly Francisco
Dilantha Geekiyanage
Nikko Henderson
Nikka Komisarski
Steffani Mastromonaco
Caitlin Nery
Conner Olenick
Andrea Strazzullo
Adam Troczynski
Nikko Tagle
Alannah Villella
Jason Wong

These are the blog URL's for my ICT 12 class colleagues. The class is using Blogger througout the year to record information about various programs and techniques.
This list will be updated to include several blog URL's not presently available.

Hippo Part One

I haven not yet installed Hippo to my computer at home because my computer does not work at the moment, as I have already talked to Mr. Vogel about!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Today I signed up for the iGoogle service and made a couple of minor custom changes. I added a custom widget to display my IP address.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Binary Numbering is a game in which you are given four numbers like 1001 1010 and you have to follow a simple pattern to retrieve the correct answer. The code is 8421 to use in any four digit number. If there is a five digit number and up you just square the 8 and so on.

Number Guesser

As of right now we are doing numerous activities given by Mr. Vogel. We are making our own guessing system with minimal instruction from a second worksheet entailing about Turbo Pascal. There are several parts to this assignment that all have instructions that are missing several parts.

Monday, October 6, 2008

ICT 12 Overview

During my 12 course this year, I will be working on various programs. I hope it was as fun as last year!