Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Blog Summary:Multi-Program Project

“The Fashionista’s Guide” for the Multi-Form project in visual basics was an interesting way to combine several steps learned through the lessons of VB. In the project, there were several new components in which demonstrated the programs use as well as a few extra bonuses. The goal of the project was to capture many projects into a large one with a main title that would link to six different projects. Some projects, I decided to make them more alike my theme, being personal shopping. For example, for the “Shell Program” I took it literally into a pearl program (as in Tiffany & Co.) For the “Pizza Program” I used salad for the weight instead of pizza. All my programs somehow relate to the multi-form, as you can see in the sub-headings of the running program. The program was interesting to put many things into one program with the click of the mouse and a few words that would "unload" the existing program. The Easter Egg was the newest, most interesting form I used in this Multi-Form Project. It is an Easter Egg that happens on the main menu screen after clicking Ctrl-A. A scary man (image on the left) pops up on what used to be a cute girl’s face (image on the right). It would remain there until you either exit out of the program or choose another option. The multi-form project was the most enjoyable project this year that let me put a creative edge on the style of the program.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Network Program

Today in ICT, we learned all about networking programs with many clipart involving certain pieces to networking. We also learned about a Basic Network Diagram at school and now we are to do it at school following our computer at home

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

For the Puzzle Lover

For those of you who find an enjoyment in solving puzzles check out the following website:

The Emo Rubik's Cube is a fun puzzle to try and solve for the puzzle lover in you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speak Easy

Speak easy is a internet site in which calculates the upload/ download KB of the computer you are initially on. It is very interesting to know what exactly your computer has been up to! IT has an illustration of when it will end through a red circle and then it illustrates what the upload or download KB is. For furthur information or even to try it out go to :

P.S - I clicked on the Seattle, Washington toolbar.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


HP has just released a new sort of laptop/smartphone named the Twitter as a mobile service. For more information, visit and type in twitter as the search.


Smartphones are in a simpler language, a computer in a small version. I have had the Blackberry Curve for almost half a year now and absoulutely love it! The internet as well as BBM (blackberry messanger) is two ordeals that would make me want to stick to Blackberries for life! I have had the Motorola Q and the Razr as my most recent phones and they are in no way comparable to a Blackberry! I guess my next phone is going to have to be the all touch Storm! For more information on blackberry please visit