Tuesday, December 9, 2008

LAX Aiport

LAX Airpot has the new installments that can now be seen on the internet! It is quite interesting to look at so take a look for yourself! All you have to do is donwload the software from http://www.babylon.com/dictionary/35230/ICAO_aircraft_designation_codes
This site is much easier to work with than the original www.babylon.com entry.

Because Computers Can Get Boring!

Since Computers have not come up with something new from the typwriter to a computer base...we must educate our learning by downloading!! Check out this side: www.download.com to install new programs that involve different screensavers, free anti viruses as well as several home installation sites! It saves you money and makes the day at work go by faster!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Python 3.0

Python, the program that is being worked on in ICT 12 has just launched the 3.0 version which is "incompatable" with the version that we have at Notre Dame! They are using the features for internet sites such as YouTube, a major hit for all video castings! For more information go to www.cnet.com!